As an Autistic adult and mother of a child with autism my anxiety was through the roof! Using a CalmCare vest for myself each day plus my son has made a huge difference to our lives.
Kerry E.


My girls love wearing CalmCare vests and shorts and I am very thankful for a good nights sleep! I wish we had these 8 years ago.
Rob D.

Since he started wearing his CalmCare vests my gorgeous Autistic nephew (who also has SPD) has had minimal meltdowns and is processing information like never before, which has had a huge impact on his learning. Feeling very excited to see the progress he makes over the coming months and years.
Cheryl H.

My son is Autistic and has Sensory Processing Disorder and wears CalmCare vests every day. It’s made a very big difference to his life, no more meltdowns, his sensory system is calm and he can focus so much easier at school. Thank you CalmCare!
Suzie S.